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Sasha sitting with her two dogs A short list of my involvements in the animal world:
  • Dog Trainer Certificate, Canine Consultant/Instructor Academy at Marin Humane Society
  • Certified in Dog and Cat CPR
  • Assisted with Behavior Modification Consults and Dog Temperament Testing, Marin Humane Society
  • Former Training Assistant at the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society
  • Former Board Member & Officer, Ohlone Dog Park Association
  • Speaker, East Bay Pet Sitters Association
  • Occasional writer of both training columns and cover stories for Bay Woof and its predecessor, Woofer Times.
  • Correspondent covering the East Bay for FETCH, the paper, as well as frequent writer of dog training columns and cover stories.
  • Recommended by Vets

Animals have always adopted me. A neighbor, who fostered dogs, secretly placed one on my front lawn knowing that if I did not find the owner I would adopt the dog. My kids named her Lucky.

a dog walking up a pathway Presently I live with three dogs: Alfie, the Belgian Sheep Dog; Lila, part Golden Retriever-Part Who Knows; Deejay, the new rescue, a 'Bichoodle.' Sometimes the three of them leave a little room for me in my bed. Nina, our last cat, is sadly deceased.

Prior to animal care and training, I was a journalist. In lighter moments I say my motto is: "From Journalist to Dog Trainer -- Still Scooping All the Hot Poop." More seriously, I am currently working on a book about dog training and my various career adventures.

I attended the intensive Marin Humane Society's Canine Consultant Instructor Academy and received their certificate as a dog trainer and behaviorist. I have been a volunteer trainer at the East Bay/Berkeley Humane Society assisting in basic and intermediate obedience classes. In addition, after graduating from their trainer's program, I assisted with dog temperament tests and behavior consultations at Marin Humane as well.

I stay involved in animal rights work and am constantly taking workshops in animal behavior, health and training. I incorporate what I learn in the care of the animals entrusted to me.

In the Company of Dogs (Cats, too)
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